Write a short story about holidays in one of the areas of the Atlantic coast

In Agadir itself, I did not want to go anywhere except the beach, and actually there are not so many places to visit. There is an ancient Kasba on the mountain, many recommend visiting it because of the beautiful views, but since the last two days the weather was clearly unsuccessful, there was haze in the air and overcast, I decided not to climb the mountain. There is a small Birds Vallery zoo, a port and the market itself, but the hotel employee did not recommend going there, as there are many pickpockets. As a result, a Uniprix store with fixed prices was discovered near the hotel, where souvenirs were bought. What I really liked about Agadir is the pastry shops. The selection of all kinds of cakes and cookies is very large, everything is tasty and fresh. With all the pastry shops there is a cafe where you can eat all the goodies you have gathered.

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