Write a short story about the role of soil as an animal habitat

As a habitat, soil is a complex system in which solid particles are surrounded by air and water. This, according to M.S. Gilyarova, gives reason to believe that it was the environment through which initially the aquatic inhabitants were able to go to a terrestrial way of life. The solid part is mainly formed by mineral components (particle sizes up to 3 mm), the ratio of which determines the mechanical composition, structure, porosity, air and water permeability, as well as air, water and temperature conditions. In addition to these inanimate components, plant roots are located in the soil, many large and “myriads” of small and tiny animals live. In the cycle of substances in the soil, plants play the role of producers forming organic matter. Animals produce mechanical and biochemical destruction of it (phytophages, predators, saprophages, caprophages). Microorganisms synthesize and decompose soil humus. The entire set of organisms living in the soil is called edafon. For this reason, V.I.Vernadsky attributed the soil to special biocos bodies of nature, thereby emphasizing the richness of its life and the inextricable connection of its inorganic components with living

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