Write down safety precautions to prevent eye injuries and first aid measures for injuries.

Prevention of eye injury consists in observing safety precautions in any production, in the careful use of chemicals in everyday life, and in the careful handling of dangerous objects in life.
It is especially important to comply with safety rules when working in the school laboratory, at the educational enterprise and in the workshop. In addition to the fact that any activity in these institutions per se belongs to an increased hazard class, in addition to everything, schoolchildren are often there. But it is precisely eye injuries that occupy the first place among general injuries in children.
In everyday life, all chemicals and substances should be found out of the reach of the child. These are cleaning products, glue, ammonia, vinegar, etc. When choosing toys, it is important that they are age-appropriate and have no sharp corners. All this will protect the eyes from damage and preserve vision, both for the child and the adult.

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