Write down the reasons for the victory of the American colonies in the War of Independence, the results and significance of the war.

Reasons for the US victory in the War of Independence:
1) the patriotism of the American people;
2) the establishment of strict discipline in the American army;
3) the remoteness of military operations from England;
4) the performance of France and Spain on the side of the colonists.
Results and significance of the war:
1) the United States became an independent state (the war was of a national liberation nature);
2) a republican form of government was established, radical changes took place in society (the war was revolutionary);
3) obstacles in the development of industry and trade have been removed, opportunities have opened up for free competition, free disposal of property;
4) the capitalist economy began to develop;
5) a state was formed, built in accordance with the principles of the Enlightenment.

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