Climatic characteristic of the zone – taiga

Climatic characteristic

  Soil type Plants Animals
Total solar radiation, kcal / cm per year 900-100 mJ / m , in the south – 1400-1600 mJ / m 2 Podzols and podzolic (gley-podzolic, podzols illuvial-glandular , sod-podzolic) taiga permafrost and bog-podzolic European spruce, pine, spruce, fir and Siberian cedar, larch Sable, musk deer, capercaillie, hazel grouse, elk, squirrel, white hare, capercaillie, hazel grouse, grouse in places, brown bear, wolverine, lynx, squirrel, etc. The taiga is rich in insects
avg July ℃ From +10 to +15
avg January ℃ -10 to -16
Average annual rainfall, mm 600-700 to 400-350
Climate belt Moderate
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