Compare the deserts of Karakum, Takla Makan and Rub al Khali

Desert Average ° С Average annual rainfall, mm The soil Representatives
January July Plant world Animal world
Karakum – 5 – + 3 +28 – + 34 60 – 150 mm Gray-brown, sandy. Sawed, saxaul. Jeyrana, lizards, snakes, foxes, scorpions.
Takla Makan -8 – -16 +16 – +24 less than 50 mm sandy Saksaul, Camel Thorn Antelopes, hares, gerbils, jerboas.
Rub al Khali +16 +24 – +25 35 mm Sandy TP Solyanka, camel thorn Gazelles, antelopes, lizards, scorpions, camels
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