Compare the merits and demerits of majoritarian and proportional electoral systems. Fill the table

Table 1. Main advantages and disadvantages of the majoritarian electoral system

Benefits disadvantages
The certainty of the result, the competitive nature of the elections

Monolithic majority; one-party majority government

A stable government based on a parliamentary majority

Closer connection of the deputy with the territory from which he was elected

Interrelation of national problems with local

Political responsibility of candidates and deputies to voters

Two-party competition, alternation of two parties in power

Relative ease of counting

Weak representation (electoral disproportionality)

Non-participation of losers’ votes in the distribution of parliamentary seats

Disproportionate strengthening of parties that have received a relative majority

The exclusion of third parties from government and parliamentary coalitions despite the regularly received high share of votes

The winning party can get a majority in parliament without having it nationwide

Abuse is not excluded when “cutting” districts

Table 2. Main advantages and disadvantages of the proportional electoral system

Benefits disadvantages
“Fairness”, representativeness

Promotes the formation of a multi-party system

More or less clear party voter identification

Stimulating coalition action and a coalition parliamentary majority

Protects the interests of political minorities

Difficulty defining results

Transfer to parties of the right to appoint deputies

Substitution of election by party co-optations

Decreased competitiveness

Tendencies towards the establishment of a party oligarchy

Weak connection of the elect with the voters

Weak influence of voters on government decisions

Providing benefits to small parties that can lead to the destruction of large

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