Compare the period and frequency of oscillations of the mathematical pendulum at the equator and at the latitude of Moscow

At equator more.
It all depends on the acceleration of gravity. At the latitude of Moscow, g = 9.82 m / s2, and at the equator g = 9.78 m / s2. We write the Thomson formula: T = 2 * п * √ (L / g), where L is the length of the thread, suspension. If we divide the periods of oscillation of the pendulum at the equator and at the latitude of Moscow, after the reductions it remains: T1 / T2 = √ (g2 / g1) = √ (9.82 m / s2 / 9.78 m / s2) = 1.004
And the frequency is inversely proportional to the period: v1 / v2 = T2 / T1 = 0.995

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