Compare wild radish and seed radish.

Differences: Garden radish grows up to 90 cm. Its large roots are black, purple, green, yellow or white. In the first year of the plant’s life, a large root is formed, turning into foliage. In the second year, a strong stem grows, crowned with many medium-sized flowers.
Wild radish outwardly differs from man-bred. Yellow flower stalks grow on its high, strong stem. The strong and fleshy root is saturated with toxic substances and is the most poisonous. The stem and leaves are only a threat during the flowering period. Eating wild radish in food causes acute poisoning.
Similarities: belong to the same family – cruciferous or cabbage, and to the same genus – radish, therefore they have the same inflorescences (brush), equally arranged flowers on an erect stem; similar simple leaves, lyre-incised; fruits are pods.

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