Describe how a jet engine and steam turbine work. What is the difference in their work?

A jet engine-engine, the working medium of which is a mixture of air taken from the atmosphere and oxidation products of fuel by oxygen contained in the air. Due to the oxidation reaction, the working fluid heats up and, expanding, flows out of the engine at high speed, creating a jet thrust.
A steam turbine is a heat engine in which steam energy is converted into. mechanical work. In a steam turbine blade, the potential energy of compressed and heated water vapor is converted into kinetic energy, which in turn is converted into mechanical work – the rotation of the turbine shaft. Steam from the steam boiler unit enters through the guide vanes onto the curved blades fixed around the circumference of the rotor, and, acting on them, drives the rotor into rotation.
The main difference between them is that jet engines run on a mixture of fuel and air, steam turbines run on high temperature steam.

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