Differences between material and spiritual culture?

Material culture is everything that is created by man, all objects and phenomena. Objects of material culture are necessary for a person to have a more comfortable life and interaction with society. In other words, a person creates material culture in order to satisfy his needs.
Material culture is distinguished by:
– the world of objects that were created by man;
– technologies, that is, means and technical algorithms;
– technical culture, which consists of the skills, abilities and abilities of a person.
Spiritual culture is outside of objects, as it is a world of ideas, feelings, intellect and emotion.
Spiritual culture is distinguished by:
– ideal forms outside of human activity and his opinions are scientific knowledge, language, morality and law;
– integrating forms of spiritual culture – worldview, art, religion, philosophy;
– subjective spirituality, namely the luggage of knowledge, moral choice, culture of behavior, religiosity, and so on.

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