Fill in the table “Comparative characteristics of the main orders of birds”.

Unit name Characteristic signs Representatives
Penguins The wings are turned into flippers, with their help the birds swim. The structure of the skeleton allows the fins to rotate almost helically in the shoulder joint while swimming. King penguin, emperor penguin
Passerine Legs are four-toed, relatively short, the first toe is directed backward. Curved claws. The bill is usually straight and rather short. Many singing species Swallow, starling, magpie, rook
Anseriformes They swim and fly well. They nest near water or on bodies of water. The neck is long Duck, swan, goose
Chickens The legs are strong. The wings are short and wide. The plumage is dense and tough. The beak is short, the beak is slightly bent Peacock, quail, partridge
Dove-like They live in trees or on the ground. Mostly sedentary. Chicks. Dove, wood pigeon
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