Fill in the table “Main ecological groups of mammals by habitat”.

Environmental group name Structural features Representatives
Terrestrial Animals in open spaces are generally capable of fast running or jumping. These include, for example, all ungulates. They do not build any dwellings and give birth to cubs ready to follow their parents. Elk, cow, tiger, goat
Underground Have a short neck lack of auricles; eyes are small, can be hidden under the skin; compact body. Blind, mole
Flying The forelimbs are represented by the likeness of wings, between the toes there is a membrane The bats
Aquatic The limbs are modified into fins or flippers Whales, walruses
Woody Tenacious claws, tail, grasping limbs; in flying squirrels and woolly wings, a leathery membrane between the fore and hind limbs Koalas, sloths
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