Fill in the table “The importance of animals in nature and human life.”

The meaning of animals Examples of
In nature
1) pollinate plants Bumblebee, bee, butterfly
2) Spread the fruits and seeds of plants Birds, cats, dogs, ants
3) Increase soil fertility Earthworms
4) are orderlies, destroying sick and dead animals Wolf, hyena
5) Are plant pests and animal parasites Aphids, locusts
6) Reduce the number of pests Ladybugs, birds
In human life
1) are a power source Cow, chicken, pig
2) They are a source of raw materials for industry (fur, wax, wool, silk, leather, down, venom of snakes, bees) Mink, bee, sheep, silkworm, snakes, geese
3) Are agricultural pests Colorado potato beetle, aphid
4) Are human parasites Ascaris, bovine tapeworm
5) Destroy agricultural pests Birds, ladybugs
6) Have aesthetic value Dogs, cats, parrots
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