How does the height of the Sun above the horizon change during the year in Moscow? When is the highest and when is the lowest?

Moving along the ecliptic, the Sun moves farthest from the equator towards the north pole of the world on June 22. This corresponds to the point of the summer solstice – the sign of Cancer. On this day, the Sun has a maximum declination of about b = + 23. On this day in Moscow (and in the northern hemisphere) the Sun is highest above the horizon. You can also calculate the height of the Sun above the horizon on June 22 using the formula the height of the luminaries at the upper climax
h = 90- f + b = 57
Where the latitude of Moscow is f = 56.
December 22 The sun is lowest above the horizon in Moscow. The longest day. The point of the winter solstice is the sign of Capricorn – in it the Sun has a minimum declination b = – 23 * 26. The height of the Sun above the horizon is about 11.

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