List the biological wealth of the oceans. Can they be considered inexhaustible?

No, they cannot be considered inexhaustible. The main resource of the oceans is sea water. It contains 75 chemical elements, among which are important such as uranium, potassium, bromine, magnesium. Although the main product of seawater is still table salt 33% of world production, mania and bromine are already mined, methods for producing a number of metals have long been patented, among them copper and silver, the necessary industries, whose reserves are steadily depleting when in ocean waters they contain up to half a billion tons. In connection with the development of nuclear energy, there are good prospects for the extraction of uranium and deuterium from the waters of the oceans, all the more so, the reserves of uranium ores on earth are reduced, and in the Ocean it is 10 billion tons, deuterium is practically inexhaustible – for every 5000 atoms of ordinary hydrogen there is one heavy atom. In addition to the allocation of chemical elements, sea water can be used to obtain fresh water necessary for a person

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