Make a forecast for the fall according to national signs and your observations of the weather in August-September.

Omens Forecast for the fall Forecast Rating
August 15. What Stepan is – hayloft, such is September September is warm coincides
August 16th. What is Anton – swirls , such is October rainy coincides
August 17th. What is Avdotya , such is November dry warm does not match
August 19. Transfiguration Apple saved. Oseniny (meeting of autumn). If on Yablonevy saved a dry day – to dry autumn, wet – to wet. What is the day at Yablonevy saved, such is the Intercession (October 14) dry day not always the same
September 3rd. If Fadeev’s day is clear, then expect another 4 weeks with good weather clear does not match
 September 14th. Indian summer (September 14-21). Simeon the Pillar. Martha. If Martha came out dirty , then the autumn will be rainy. If Semyon is a dry day, then autumn should be dry rainy day coincides
23 September. Peter and Paul are the fieldfare. If there is a lot of rowan in the forest, autumn will be rainy, but if not enough, dry dry day does not match
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