Make a short guide for tourists.

a) on which continent do they travel?
Answer: They travel around Africa
b) what geographical objects will they meet on the way?
Answer: Orange River, Kalahari Desert, Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, Lake Tanganyika
c) what climate awaits tourists; What are its features?
Answer: In Cape Town, the climate is subtropical Mediterranean. Summer is warm, winter is cold, rainfall in winter, a lot. Then we find ourselves in a tropical climate – hot and dry throughout the year. Then the climate will change to subequatorial – high temperatures and a lot of rainfall that fall in the summer
d) what dangers await tourists?
Answer: high temperatures can lead to sunstroke, tropical diseases, wild animals, lack of water
e) what peoples live there; What are their traditions?
Answer: Bantu, Bushmen and Hottentots. The traditions of these peoples are to preserve the ancient ways of obtaining food, life, culture
e) what sights do you advise to get acquainted with tourists; what they are famous for:
1) Kruger National Park, where animals of the African continent live in the wild;
2) Central Kalahari Nature Reserve, national reserve;
3) Victoria Falls in Zambia on the Zambezi River – one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Earth;
4) Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest point in Africa (5895 meters)
5) Serengeti National Park – a park with a large number of animals and birds;
6) Lake Victoria – Africa’s largest lake

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