Natural and climatic characteristic of the zone – deserts and semi-deserts

Climatic characteristic

Climatic characteristic Soil type Plants Animals
Total solar radiation, kcal / cm per year 115-120 Soil-chestnut soil, solonetzes Fescue, fine-footed, feather grass-beetle, wheatgrass; salt licks are covered with blue-green algae. In the north, cereal dominated by wormwood is among the plants. To the south of wormwood, the areas of ephemeral hodgepodge begin to prevail There are many rodents – jerboas, ground squirrels, brown hare, in the sand abundant gerbils. From predators there are a wolf, a fox, a badger, a ferret. Of the birds – sage, gyrfalcon , lark; of reptiles – round-headed lizards, strangler , foot-and-mouth disease, snakes – muzzle and arrow
avg July ℃ From 22 to 25
avg January ℃ -12 to -16
Average annual rainfall, mm 300-350
Climate belt Subtropical
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