Prove that human influence on natural ecosystems has increased over the years from collecting to farming and animal husbandry

When a person conducted collecting activities, he had a small impact on the environment around him.
1) When moving from gathering to farming, a person needs more resources, and he began to actively change the world around him for his own purposes, cutting down forests for fields, plowing the land. With inept use of land, this led to soil erosion, a decrease in their fertility. For livestock breeding, pastures, which are often trampled by cattle, are also necessary, and the vegetation there is sparse. Creating agrocenoses, a person intervenes in nature and undermines the stability of natural ecosystems, disrupts the natural cycle of substances.
2) To increase the productivity of animals and plants, man began to domesticate wild animals and artificial selection. And to protect his animals, a man killed predators attacking his cattle. Thus, destroying food chains in ecosystems and put some species on the verge of extinction or completely destroyed them.
3) During the transition, there was an increase in the number of people and their resettlement across the Earth. The immigrants conducted the same activity and the influence of man on natural ecosystems only grew.

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