What do you know about our Galaxy? Where is the Sun in it?

Galaxies are large stellar systems in which stars are bound together by gravity. The Galaxy includes all those stars that we see in the constellations with the naked eye and through a telescope. Our Galaxy – this Milky Way – contains about 200 billion stars, thousands of giant clouds of gas and dust, clusters and nebulae. The Milky Way is compressed in a plane and in profile similar to a “flying saucer” and consists of three main parts:
1.The central part of the Galaxy (core), which consists of billions of old stars;
2. A relatively thin disk of stars, gas and dust, 100,000 light-years across and several thousand light-years thick;
3. A spherical halo (corona) containing dwarf galaxies, globular star clusters, individual stars, groups of stars, and hot gas.
It belongs to the spiral, because has spiral arms. Our Galaxy is in constant motion, its speed is 1 million 500 thousand km per hour. It rotates and at the same time “rushes” in outer space with great speed. The solar system is located in one of the arms, at a distance of 26,000 light years from the center of the Galaxy and revolves around the center of the Galaxy, at a speed of 800 thousand km per hour. One revolution around the Galaxy of the solar system occurs in 200 million years.

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