What factors of inanimate nature determine the existence of organisms in different natural zones? Fill the table

Natural area Nature factors Plants and animals
Humid equatorial forests High temperatures and high rainfall Evergreen multi-tiered forests, monkeys, many birds
Savannahs and woodlands High temperatures, a lot of precipitation that falls seasonally Grasses, rare trees. Antelopes, rodents, lion, cheetah
Deserts Moisture deficiency, arid climate Camel thorn, saxaul, velvichia. Camels, insects, monitor lizards, jerboas
Broadleaf and mixed forests Warm summers, cold winters Pine, oak, birch, linden, maple. Wolf, moose, roe deer, fox, raccoon, black grouse, tit
Taiga Cool summer cold winter Coniferous forests: spruce, pine, cedar, larch. Brown bear, elk, deer, wolf, capercaillie
Tundra Cold winters, slightly warmer summers Mosses, shrubs, bonsai
Arctic deserts Low temperatures all year round Polar bear, partridge, lemming
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