What hypotheses of racogenesis are known to you?

Rasogenesis is the process of the emergence and formation of human races. There are several hypotheses of racogenesis.
The first is monocentrism. Scientists recognize the common origin, social and psychological development, a single level of mental development. The proofs of the monocentric hypothesis translate it into the category of theories (hypothesis + evidence):
• differences in secondary features;
• no genetic isolation;
• biological evolutionary changes (decrease in skeleton massiveness, increase in growth, acceleration of development) are manifested in representatives of all races;
• results obtained in the study of human DNA: the first was the division of the African branch into the negroid and Mongoloid-Caucasoid about 40-100 thousand years ago.
Polycentrists believe that races arose independently from each other from different ancestors and in different places. Their hypothesis is less scientifically based.

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