What is the relationship between sea anemone and hermit cancer?

There is a symbiosis between sea anemone and hermit cancer.
In the seas, symbiotic systems of sea anemones and hermit crabs are very common and often occur, when one or several sea anemones settle on the shell-house of one cancer. Sea anemones derive diverse benefits from this cohabitation. Firstly, it is the presence of a good substrate for attachment in the form of a shell occupied by a hermit crab. Secondly, it is transporting it directly to food sources, including seeding sea anemone pieces of food from breast cancer. Thirdly, crayfish provide for sea anemones protection from a number of predators.
Cancers, in turn, from sea anemones receive both passive protection due to the fact that sea anemones camouflage their symbiotic partner in the system well, and active – in the form of numerous nematocysts: sea anemones repel cancer enemies such as octopuses and crabs of the genus Calappa.

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