What role did the Aryans play in the formation of the civilization of Ancient India?

At the turn of the 2nd and 1st millennia BC. e. Aryans appeared in the north of India. The language of the Aryans was Sanskrit – the oldest form of the once unified language of the Indo-Europeans that has survived to this day.
All later Indo-European languages, including Russian, originated from this single language.
The Vedas were the sacred books of the Aryans. Veda in Sanskrit means knowledge. From the ancient Sanskrit word “veda” comes the Russian word “vedat”, that is, “know”. The Vedas were considered the repository of the most ancient and most important knowledge of mankind. The study, interpretation and recitation of the Vedas was carried out by the priests.
We can learn a lot about India during the arrival of the Aryans from two great poems – “Mahabharata” and “Ramayana”,
They reflect the life, beliefs and knowledge of the ancient Indians in a religious and mythological form. The poem “Mahabharata” tells about the war between two royal families, in which the gods intervene.

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