What were Wilson’s “14 points”?

1. Elimination of secret agreements, openness of international diplomacy.
2. Freedom of navigation outside the territorial waters
3. Freedom of trade removing economic barriers
4. Disarmament, reducing the armament of countries to the minimum level necessary to ensure national security.
5. Free and impartial consideration of all colonial issues, taking into account both the colonial claims of the owners of the colonies and the interests of the population of the colonies.
6. Liberation of Russian territories, solution of its issues based on its independence and freedom to choose the form of government.
7. Liberation of the territory of Belgium, recognition of its sovereignty,
8. Liberation of French territories, restoration of justice for Alsace-Lorraine, occupied in 1871.
9. Establishing the borders of Italy on a national basis.
10. Free development of the peoples of Austria-Hungary, 11 The liberation of the territories of Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, the provision of Serbia, a reliable outlet to the Adriatic Sea, guarantees of the independence of the Balkan states.
12. The independence of the Turkish parts of the Ottoman Empire (modern Turkey), along with the sovereignty and autonomous development of the peoples under Turkish rule, the openness of the Dardanelles to free passage of ships,
13 Creation of an independent Polish state, uniting all Polish territories and with access to the sea.
14 Creation of a general international unification of nations in order to guarantee the integrity and independence of both large and small states

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